Jonathan Glazer, Under the Skin : Scarlett est envotante, comme son personnage


Some highlights from a French interview with Glazer, translated through Google:

The fact that [Scarlett] has black hair gives a special dramatic force to her face. It is intended? It was, first, so that people didn’t recognize her, because we shot scenes undercover, for example in the nightclub, and without the presence of Scarlett being announced. People are used to seeing her blonde, so we chose a color that does not evoke that image. Black has a very strong effect, yes. It helped to have a very simple image, like a woman from film noir.
The fact that she appears nude in the film has generated comments and, of course, curiosity. But the nudity give the impression that it’s not so much the body as we usually see it on the screen … No, it is a body that is a vehicle, a receptacle for the alien played by Scarlett. She looks, while experiencing everything, and is surprised to find she has a body. It was important that we are not, as a spectator, in a position where we look at the body in a way that is misogynistic or pornographic. The film shows anatomy as an oddity. This is a non-erotic image, voluntarily.

You are known for your work as a director of music videos. Is this an easier way to make your business as a filmmaker or is it something else?
Film and video clips are very different, but imagine that the two words “video” and “clips” are each different sentences: you want each sentence perfectly written, rich and dense, meaningful, clear but mysterious. You want it all at once in a sentence. A film is a longer sentence, but the requirement is the same. I’m not interested or less inspired when I make music videos. It is never less than myself. But it’s easier because it takes less time, it involves fewer people, it is a smaller canvas.

Which artists have you particularly enjoyed working with?
Radiohead and Massive Attack. Jack White, too. I love music, music is the script [for videos]. The images should not define it, but express it. Being in harmony with it. I have not directed a video clip in long while, but I love it.

What music are you listening to right now?
Micachu and the Shapes. They are stunning!